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Actual Dieter Bohlen Music Publication with English Lyrics

Verfasst: Sa 13. Mai 2017, 21:30
von Jeanne Sy.
In Germany an album set (2 Versions: 2CD or 3CD) Dieter Bohlen Die Megahits including some new remixes of Modern Talking and Blue System will be published soon, probably 19.5.2017.

The following downloads out of that album set are already available:

Modern Talking: Your my heart Your my Soul (New Version 2017)

Modern Talking: Modern Talking Pop Titan Megamix 2k17 (3-Track DJ Promo)

Pietro Lombardi & Alexander Klaws & Prince Damien & Juliette Schoppmann: We have a dream (New Version 2017)

EDIT 19.5.2017: :D The album is published in Germany in time.

The Release of the Vinyl-Edition of CD2: Back for Gold is previewed for 16.6.2017.